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Hi, I'm Tilly. I'm living in Manchester and working as a writer. I am a collector of small and beautiful things.


This is a portfolio of my writing & art since 2013. All the pieces on here are the little threads of my life that have found their way, after many sighs & tears & breaths, through the bones and muscles of my hand, onto the page.

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A Girl Enriched (Your Heart’s Delight)

Tuesday 5th December 2017. Filed under personal, poetry. Leave a comment?

Some days I will be a summer
breakfast on the lawn,
strawberry-paunched cheeks pimpled
all over like tiny teardrop seeds;
you’ll find me just as wild with the blush
of sunburn and a dribble of sugar syrup
staining my lips and fingertips.

You will kiss me red and curl me
up among the china using the picnic
knives to sliver my skin, seeing if I too
am sickly sweet inside and just ripe enough,
without a single hint of rank maturity.

I am chewed and savoured, shared between lovers,
adored, delicious, despised, spat subtly into a napkin.

A Girl Enriched (Your Heart's Delight)

What inspired me: My thoughts and words have been too muddled the past six months. Oh darling, am I mature enough for you yet?