A selected portfolio of my published poetry.

If you are interested in using my work for any publications or would like to get in contact with me about anything please email me. ♡ For editorial work and a copy of my CV please click here.

The Murmur House

‘Mother Pearl’ (Healing Issue, November 2016)

Thistle Magazine

‘The Secret of Death’ (Issue 2: Secrets, Autumn 2012, p.80)

‘Legs Like Cigarettes’ (Issue 4: Obsession, Spring 2013, p.34)

‘If You’re Alone’ (Issue 7: Wilderness, Summer 2014, p.79)

‘Touch (part 1)’ (Issue 9: Romance, Winter 2014, p.44)

‘Touch (part 2)’ (Issue 9: Romance, Winter 2014, p.49)

‘Sage Comme Une Image’ (Issue 11: Experimentation, Spring 2015, p.55)

‘Safe & Sound’ (Issue 11: Experimentation, Spring 2015, p.76)

‘Salt & Knives’ (Issue 11: Experimentation, Spring 2015, p.79)

MISO Magazine

(Autumn/Winter 2014)

Pandora’s Box (University of Chester)

‘You Are Made of Sweet Things’ (January 2014)

Oh! Venus Magazine

Alice, Sweet Alice Film Review (Issue 1: Sin, A/W 2013)

Pudge Magazine

‘Dust’ (July 2013)

‘Morning Room’ (August 2013)